[Amazon's Choice] FIREFLY - Bluetooth receiver for car (GOLD)

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    World's smallest Bluetooth receiver designed for your car!


    • Function:Bluetooth
    • Style:Ear Hook,Headband,In-Ear,Neckband
    • Type:Wireless
    • Use:Computer,Mobile Phone,Portable Media Player
    • Bluetooth range:10m
    • Bluetooth version:4.1
    • Profile support:AAC, MP3, SBC

    Key Features


    Meet Firefly - the miniature music receiver with premium quality sound

    Works out of the box!

    Transform your home or car audio system to Bluetooth wireless with Firefly, the world's tiniest music receiver, and stream crisp, high-quality music from your smartphone or tablet. With its patented technology to support multiple codecs including AAC, the Firefly is the ideal accessory for iOS users.

    With a button-less design, connection is quick and simple. Just plug Firefly into your audio system and a USB power source, switch on the Bluetooth setting on your smart device, and pair. The LED light on the USB end will glow like a firefly to indicate connection status. Once paired, Firefly will remember your device and auto-connect whenever you're close by. For extra convenience, Firefly can remember up to 8 paired devices, and Party Mode even allows two simultaneous connections to easily switch between devices.

    Some car USB ports and chargers automatically shut off power when current draw falls below a certain threshold. Because the Firefly requires very little power, it may not work with these USB ports. Some Mini Cooper owners in particular have reported that their cars have this auto shut off feature.

    Don’t settle for subpar sound quality!

    In order to transmit audio to a Bluetooth receiver, your smart device chooses a codec supported by the receiver to digitally compress the audio file. Most Bluetooth receivers only support the default low quality SBC codec, which can become quite unbearable for music streaming. The Firefly is one of the few receivers on the market that includes support for the higher sound quality AAC and MP3 codecs through its patented Sound Revitalization Technology.

    iOS devices as well as a few others implement AAC over Bluetooth, and hence, the Firefly is a must have for iPhone and iPad users that want to get the most out of their premium speakers / car audio systems. 

    NOTE: Firefly will only stream multimedia audio (music, video, apps, etc.), any voice calls will switch back to your phone or another connected Bluetooth device. 

    Top-notch composition with an attractive, efficient design

    Both the casings for the USB and AUX end of the Firefly are made from anodized aluminum, which provides an attractive, highly durable finish to protect the adapter from wear and tear. Furthermore, the AUX connector is gold plated to prevent against corrosion and oxidation, ensuring continuous use without reduction in sound quality. The Firefly comes in 3 eye-catching colors: Fire Red, Shadow Black and Sunrise Gold. 


    Depending on your speaker/audio system and setup needs, choose the pack below that works best for you.
    *For audio systems with AV/RCA connectors, please purchase the Home Pack or Premium Pack. Double check the distance between USB power source and connectors. 


    What’s In the Box?

    • [Car Pack] Firefly Bluetooth receiver (USB car charger not included),  3.5mm AUX extension cord (60cm / 23.6")
    • [Home Pack] Firefly Bluetooth receiver, AUX to AV/RCA convert cable (1m / 39.4”)
    • [Premium Pack] Firefly Bluetooth receiver, 3.5mm AUX extension cord (60cm / 23.6"), AUX to AV/RCA convert cable (1m / 39.4”)

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    • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
    • Minimum Order:200 Piece(s)


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