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Last Update: 2018-08-17

About Tunai Creative
The Tunai Creative team comes from all over the world and finally gathers in Formosa, a beautiful island where beauty and technology coexist. After the recognition and reuse of various world-class companies and accumulated more than 10 years of experience, they jointly established Tunai Creative.
At the beginning of its establishment, we will adhere to the people-oriented principle and provide electronic peripheral products that are both aesthetically pleasing, highly practical and superior. From circuit design, material selection to exterior design, engineers and designers collaborate closely and craft every link to provide you with a convenient and unique taste of life.
Our name
The word TUNAI comes from Tamil, the official language of Sri Lanka. It is the pronunciation of accessories. Sri Lanka is the world’s top five gemstone producing country. It has such a reputation as the “Gem Kingdom” and the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The use of TUNAI as the first word of the brand name reflects the fact that Tuneyi's creativity will move forward with the development concept of “boutiques in accessories”.
The meaning of CREATIVE in English is creative and creative. It can also be interpreted as the search for limitless space. CREATIVE is the second word in the name of Tuyi's creative brand, and with the previous TUNAI, we define the development of the spindle - doing accessories that are not the same as others.
Our philosophy
"Simple and meaningful" is our philosophy. We believe that the development of technology is to make life easier and better.

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Manufacturer, ODM, OEM
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Bluetooth Music Receiver, Wireless Music Receiver
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